10oz Canvas Wall Tents (4 foot walls)

Prospector wall tent made from 10oz treated canvas. Built in Fort McPherson Northwest Territories, this tent is able to withstand the coldest arctic winter. Treated to be fire and mildew resistant.

These are our 4 foot canvas wall tents. 5' tents are also available.

Product #FMT10000

Customize your own tent to meet your needs. Available options:

  • 6" stove pipe ring installed
  • Screen door
  • Window
  • Double tent
  • Extra door

All tents come with the following:

  • Zippered front door
  • Canvas carrying bag
  • Sod cloth barrier that hugs the ground

Note: tents do not come shipped with poles or floor. Due to shipping costs it is uneconomical to ship these heavy bulky pieces with our tents. Our customers will usually build their own tent frame on site out of natural materials, or with lumber for more fixed structures.

Yes! These are the exact same canvas wall tents found at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort on Vancouver Island British Columbia.

This tent is great for outfitters, prospectors, guides or anyone that would like a high quality, long lasting, durable wall tent.

Build your own custom canvas wall tent and order online now, or directly from Fort McPherson Tent and Canvas.

Price: $544.00

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