10oz Canvas Wall Tents (5 Foot Walls)

Prospector wall tent made from 10oz treated canvas. Built in Fort McPherson Northwest Territories, this tent is able to withstand the coldest arctic winter. Treated to be fire and mildew resistant.

This is the 5 foot version of this tent. 4' canvas wall tents can be found here.

Product #FMT00001-5

Customize your own tent to meet your needs. Available options:

  • 6" stove pipe ring installed
  • Screen door
  • Window
  • Double tent
  • Extra door

All tents come with the following:

  • Zippered front door
  • Canvas carrying bag
  • Sod cloth barrier that hugs the ground
Get started, order your custom 5 foot canvas wall tent online now!

Price: $618.00

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